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Solar Power Plants & More

We have partnered with gold mines, gold buyers/sellers, and silver buyers/sellers to enhance our offerings.  We have also added a solar power plant provider that can offer free solar panels to commercial accounts.

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New Partnerships Formed

At Green Core we have been very busy forming long term partnerships with other companies in the funding business to give us many more options when funding a potential deal. Many funding partners specialize on a certain type of …

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Funding Options

Green Core Funding provides many different funding options on any project size. Our funding partners will tap into our vast network of institutions and private investors that always looking for the right project. Each year, Green Core Funding analyzes many existing and new start-up companies that are looking for funding. The size of our projects that receive funding is usually between 20 million and generally up to 4 billion dollars in size.

We have many different avenues of capital at our finger tips. These include venture capital, commercial loans, and access to high net worth individuals both state side and abroad. We also create complex financial proposals for projects that seem like they are not fund able. Check out all of our funding options and see which one might be the right fit for you company.

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