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Solar Power Plants & More

We have partnered with gold mines, gold buyers/sellers, and silver buyers/sellers to enhance our offerings.  We have also added a solar power plant provider that can offer free solar panels to commercial accounts.

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New Partnerships Formed

At Green Core we have been very busy forming long term partnerships with other companies in the funding business to give us many more options when funding a potential deal. Many funding partners specialize on a certain type of …

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What makes your venture capital/funding firm different from all the rest?

We have vast networks of both venture capital sources as well as many private individuals looking for specific types of projects. So we can quickly reach out to these contacts on your behalf.

Do you charge any upfront fees and/or due diligence fees?

No, we only charge a success fee upon the closing of your funding. We earn our success fee once we have secured the funds you need.

What is your typical success fee?

Generally we work on a 6% to 10% success fee for funding a project or company.

I have connections for potential funding deals. How can I work with your firm?

We are always looking for qualified people all around the world that have access to potential deals and projects. Please contact us today and we can discuss this in greater detail.

I came to your website and we have funding partners that might be interested in some of your projects, can we work together?

Absolutely, we are interested in expanding our worldwide reach into as many sectors as possible. Also in many cases we have multiple funding partners per sector. We would love to give your firm the opportunity to review projects that we have in our pipeline. Contact us today for more information.