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Solar Power Plants & More

We have partnered with gold mines, gold buyers/sellers, and silver buyers/sellers to enhance our offerings.  We have also added a solar power plant provider that can offer free solar panels to commercial accounts.

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New Partnerships Formed

At Green Core we have been very busy forming long term partnerships with other companies in the funding business to give us many more options when funding a potential deal. Many funding partners specialize on a certain type of …

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Remanufactured Wind Turbines

Our company has access to totally remanufactured wind turbines that are 65 Kw in size. These wind turbines have a two (2) year warranty on them. Unlike other remanufactured wind turbines, ours come with a new generator included. The price is $90,000 (FOB, Phoenix, Arizona). The windmills are Nordtank.
Here are the remanufactured wind turbine generator specifications:

Rated power 65 Kw at approximately 33 miles per hour
Max of 68 Kw at 40 miles per hour

Monopole Tower
hot dipped galvanized steel plate
Height: 72 feet
Hub height: 75 feet
Option: White or colored epoxy paint coating available
Base Diameter: approximately 6 feet

Remanufactured Wind Turbine Rotor Specifications
3 blades with fixed pitch
Orientation: upwind 54 feet diameter
Blades are fiberglass reinforced polyester
The blades weight approximately 800 pounds
Area swpet: 2.289 sq feet

Component weights:
Nacelle, bedplate, rotor and blades weigh a total of 9,300 pounds
The tower on our remanufactured wind turbines weighs 14,100 pounds. This is the total of the 3 sections.
These Nordtank wind turbines have a cut in speed of 8 miles per hour (3.6 m/s). This wind turbine has a survival wind speed of 120 miles per hour.

The 65 Kw remanufactured wind turbines have the following parts on them:
1. New main shaft bearings
2. New brake and pump assembly
3. New generator
4. Remanufactured gear box
5. Remanufactured yaw gear box
6. New slew ring assembly
7. New controller assembly
8. Tower assembly
9. Reconditioned blades

These remanufactured Nordtank wind turbines are ready for installation. For additional questions please fill out the form below.

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